AIMS Gender in STEM Mentoring Sessions

From December 2022 to January 2023, several in-house Mentoring sessions were held. The sessions provide a conducive platform for students to be equipped with added value enrichment skills. The intention is to prepare them to be well-rounded graduates equipped with essential soft skills that are highly valued in the academia and industry workplace, and promote

AIMSSEC courses under way for 2023

South Africa’s economic and social transformation demands that we empower the country’s citizenry, particularly the children, with much needed skills and knowledge to flourish in this new world of work, the 21st century environment. In response to this national call, AIMSSEC continues to deliver much needed knowledge and skills to the mathematics teachers nationwide, with

2022 World Science Forum

AIMS Highlights Mathematics’ Contributions to Delivering Social Justice, Transformation and Sustainable Development  in Africa In a continent characterised by widespread complex challenges such as poverty, inequality, energy, health and environmental crises, science, technology and innovation (STI) is emerging as an essential tool in the improvement of the living standards of Africans. Thus, it is important

AIMS Master’s Students Afrocentric Science Communication Projects to Address Local Societal Challenges

The Africa Scientifique (AS) Programme provides students with an opportunity to put into practice, during six months post-Workshop Project Support (Phase 3), the science communication knowledge and skills gained from its (AS) three-day Workshop (Phase 2). The students are usually expected to design, deliver and evaluate their public engagement and outreach activities with mentoring support

Digital Transformation Workshop 2022

From 7 to 11 November the in person portion of the Digital Transformation Programme – Technological Skills for Industry 4.0 took place at the Century City Convention Centre in Cape Town, South Africa. Forty-three participants from 8 different African countries attended the course in person while a further 20 attended the workshop online. The Digital

AIMS House of Science introduced Subdivision Theory and Application & Mathematics of Machine Learning Courses to the 2022 Cohort of AIMS students

One of the critical roles of the House of Science, as an overarching innovation space for the added value enrichments to the AIMS academic programme, is to identify gaps in the provisions to AIMS students and work to support and address them with a view to strengthening their academic and mathematical knowledge, skills and aptitudes.