Recognition of Achievement: 2020-2021 Intake

This year due to lockdown we once again celebrated the success of our 2020-2021 Structured Master’s Students, by producing a short Recognition of Achievement Video highlighting the achievements of this group of students. We are very pleased that 31 students, among them 14 women, completed the Master’s in Mathematical Sciences programme successfully. Local and international

AIMS House of Science & African Gong introduce the 2021 Africa Scientifique Programme to the 2nd Cohort of AIMS Master’s students and researchers

Similar to many scientific institutions around the world, AIMS is committed to demonstrating the societal impact of its scientific research which involves communicating and engaging with non-scientists and the general public at large. Furthermore, every effort is made to equip AIMS graduate students and researchers with the necessary skills to deliver effective and impactful science

Africa DSI Program 2022 – Applications open

The Africa Data Science Intensive (DSI) Programme uses real-world problems to give participants hands-on knowledge of the latest algorithms and techniques in data science and artificial intelligence, deep insights on industry trends, network building and practical team skills used in business to facilitate transitioning to a data science role in industry, academia or through entrepreneurship. Applications for

AIMS House of Science Manager presents at the SAASTA SciComm Knowledge Share

The dissemination of research findings and knowledge transfer is an integral part of the scientists’ activities to demonstrate the societal impact of research, facilitate research uptake, and translate scientific knowledge into practice. Such a research process involves engaging with a broader audience like policymakers. The South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement (SAASTA) monthly

Après-Lunches with Mathematical Scientists

The House of Science programme continues to create a conducive environment for students, researchers and mathematics devotees to interact with esteemed mathematical scientists/role models working in academia/industry and other sectors. The Après-Lunch webinars thus enable graduate students to meet potential mentors in their academic career and foster collaboration amongst the researchers.  The theme of the