What it is like to teach at AIMS

I recently had the privilege of teaching an Applied Statistics course at AIMS South Africa, an institution renowned for nurturing some of the brightest minds on the continent. The core purpose of teaching at AIMS is to empower these promising students with essential skills and knowledge that will enable them to tackle real-world challenges and

AIMSSEC Outreach Programmes

AIMSSEC runs monthly online Global Teacher Empowerment Network (GTEN) workshops for alumni, current students and primary and secondary teachers around the world. In April Mrs Toni Beardon, Ms Caroline Ainslie, and Mr Kwethemba Moyo presented work on Probability and Statistics, with focus on calculating probabilities using Tree diagrams, Contingency tables, and Venn diagrams. The ‘Pigeonhole

AIMS Entrepreneurship Programme 2023

AIMS South Africa is proud to announce the successful conclusion of its groundbreaking student entrepreneurship program, which engaged 55 talented Master’s students in tackling real-world challenges. The programme, focused on food, energy, and water systems, witnessed seven groups passionately working towards innovative solutions. Over the course of two months, the participating students underwent intensive training,

AIMSSEC hosts IMO delegates

AIMSSEC offered a helping hand to one of its stakeholders, SAMF (South Africa Mathematics Foundation). The International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) is the World Championship Mathematics Competition for High School students held annually in different countries. The Olympiad has expanded to over 100 countries from seven continents, and South Africa is a member. A group of

LLM Workshop 2023

How will ChatGPT and other large language models (LLMs) change education, academia and data science and what are the threats and opportunities that LLMs present for Africa. These were some of the questions explored at the LLM workshop organised by Prof. Bruce Bassett (AIMS South Africa/UCT/SAAO) and held from 26 to 30 March 2023 at

2023 Africa Scientifique Programme Kick Off: Leadership, Knowledge and Skills for impactful Science Communication

The Africa Scientifique’s three-phased programme has been successfully delivered annually to the cohort of AIMS South Africa Master’s students since 2020. It is a unique capacity-building programme designed to support and provide young and emerging African scientists, researchers and academics with leadership, knowledge and skills for impactful science communication, thus, contributing to the growth of