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The BSc (Honours) in Mathematics with a focus in Biomathematics is an annual course run in conjunction with Stellenbosch University. The course commences in January each year. It aims to meet the growing demand from molecular biology, systems biology, bioinformatics, ecology, and biomedical science for students and researchers with solid mathematical skills. The course aims to train mathematicians to formulate and analyse precise models for experimental data arising from real-life research problems within the fields of biology and medicine — from predicting the influence of HIV, Aids, malaria, and tuberculosis to the effects of climate change on South Africa.

The course requires a strong foundation in mathematics and an introduction to mathematical modelling using differential equations, and includes modules on: computational and discrete methods in Mathematical Biology, non-linear dynamical systems in mathematical biology, advanced topics in mathematical biology, topics in biological and biomedical sciences, as well as a project. Projcet topics include the application of mathematical, computational and/or statistical methods to analyse and solve problems in biological sciences, environmental sciences, and medical sciences.

The modules will be presented by local and international researchers in modelling of biological and biomedical systems, population dynamics, mathematical biology, bio-informatics. The projects will be supervised by a researcher in mathematical sciences and a researcher in biological or biomedical sciences.

Students spend the first half of the year at AIMS and the second half of the year at Stellenbosch University.

Overview of 2017 Biomaths courses (towards Honours) offered at AIMS

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The Honours in Mathematical Biology course is jointly run by the Stelllenbosch University’s Department of Mathematical Sciences and the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS).  The application procedure and form is available via Stellenbosch University’s Science Faculty webpage  under Information for Students, Postgraduate Programmes, and the Department of Mathematical Sciences website, under Honours courses.


South African students with a good BSc majoring in Mathematics, and (at least) some courses in a biological/biomedical field, or an equivalent qualification, can apply.

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