March 21, 2024

German Research Chairs at AIMS

The German Research Chairs Programme at AIMS was prominently featured on Thursday afternoon during the Siyakhula Festival, spotlighting the critical role of international collaboration in advancing the field of mathematical sciences. This session was a prelude to a day filled with insightful discussions and groundbreaking research presentations on Friday, further highlighting the dynamic synergy between African and German academic institutions.

The afternoon began with an introduction from Prof. Neil Turok, AIMS Founder, who set the stage for the significance of global collaboration in science. Prof. Dr. Sabine Döring, State Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in Germany, spoke on “Unlocking Global Innovation: Why International Research Collaboration Matters,” highlighting Germany’s pride and commitment to the development of AIMS through this initiative. Minister Dr. B.E. Nzimande, Minister of Science and Innovation in South Africa, addressed “Government Policy Imperatives for Mathematical Science and Transformation Agenda in South Africa,” reinforcing the pivotal role of mathematical sciences in the nation’s innovation and development, and acknowledging AIMS’s unique contributions.

Subsequent to the keynotes, the German Research Chairs took centre stage, presenting their pioneering research projects. A fireside panel and plenary discussion featuring key figures, including Prof. Dr. Sabine Döring and Dr. Marcia Socikwa, delved into how such international collaborations could further enhance the research landscape in mathematical sciences.

An interactive poster session allowed for deeper engagement with the research being conducted by the German Research Chairs, facilitating dialogue and exchange of ideas among festival participants. The day concluded with a BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) reception at the German Residence in Cape Town , offering an exclusive opportunity for further engagement among invited guests.

The momentum continued into Friday with  a series of keynote talks and panel discussions that continued to explore the themes of collaboration and innovation. Prof. Mouhammed Moustapha Fall, Centre President of AIMS Senegal and Former GRC, provided insights into “Overdetermined Boundary Value Problems,” showcasing the high level of research facilitated by these international collaborations.

Panel discussions and breakout sessions throughout the day covered a wide range of topics, including “Data Science and Discrete Mathematics,” “Analysis and Applications of Differential Equations,” and “Stochastic Analysis, Optimization and Applications.” Speakers included German Research Chairs and their partners at German Institutions. such as Dr Bubacarr Bah, Prof, Olivier Pamen, Dr Abebe Geletu W. Selassie, and Dr Jan Hązła highlighting the diversity and depth of research being undertaken within the AIMS network and its German partners.

The German Research Chairs Programme’s celebration at AIMS not only acknowledged the achievements and contributions of these distinguished chairs but also paved the way for future innovations and partnerships in mathematical sciences. It highlighted the importance of international cooperation in enriching the research ecosystem, driving scientific advancements, and building capacity within the African continent.

This focal point of the Siyakhula Festival underscored the dynamic relationship between African and German academic and research institutions, celebrating past successes while looking forward to new opportunities for collaboration and discovery in the mathematical sciences.

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