February 12, 2024

AIMSSEC Courses January 2024

AIMSSEC, the school enrichment department of the AIMS South Africa has done it again. The year 2024 has started with a bang! Jan Mouton Learning Centre (JMLC), at Stellenbosch University was a hive of activity as the mathematics Senior phase (SP) and Further Education and Training phase (FET) teachers converged at the centre for a prestigious undertaking.

Two courses ran concurrently, namely, a Mathematical Thinking (MT33) course (sponsored by NSF) and a Differentiation and Inclusion in the Mathematics Classroom (sponsored by Standard Bank South Africa). From 5 January 2024 to 12 January 2024, the JMLC was a venue for transforming minds. A very intensive and value driven intervention saw a good number of mathematics teachers, from all corners of South Africa, receiving carefully designed and upskilling knowledge. This knowledge was aimed at equipping them with the modern and scientific learning and teaching skills. The event focused on enhancing teachers’ mathematics content knowledge, pedagogical content knowledge, as well as the technological content knowledge (through the EdTech department of AIMSSEC).

Figure 1: A practical modelling of a data sorting session (Statistics), at Jan Mouton Learning Centre, Stellenbosch University
Figure 2: Brain storming session during one of the lecture sessions
Figure 3: Time to give back! Students busy writing an assessment Test on 12 January 2024

The activity culminated in teachers writing their first set of assessments on 12 January 2024, based on the lessons taught prior with respect to mathematics content knowledge. The pedagogical content knowledge activities are scheduled to run throughout the course until its resolution in April this year.

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