Using mathematical sciences for optimization in the world of business

“Optimization is everywhere, even in the world of business,“ noted Prof Hans Mittelmann, a Professor of Computational Mathematics at Arizona State University in his public lecture on 30 January. His talk was titled: ‘Optimization is Ubiquitous- Even if Hidden under a Different Name’ which was about the various techniques and forms of optimization in business.

AFRICA DSI 2020 Report

The Africa Data Science Intensive (DSI) Programme uses real-world problems to give participants hands-on knowledge of the latest algorithms and techniques in data science and artificial intelligence, deep insights on industry trends, network building and practical team skills used in business to facilitate transitioning to a data science role in industry, academia or through entrepreneurship.

In remembrance of Prof. Ben Turok

AIMS South Africa is saddened to announce the passing on 8 December 2019 of Prof. Ben Turok, a Trustee and long-time supporter of AIMS. Ben Turok dedicated his whole life to fighting for freedom, equality and social justice in South Africa. His deeply held belief in Africa and his lifetime of activism and advocacy were