‘Is the universe a hologram?’

By Dr Matthias Ihl, Postdoctoral Researcher, Faculty of Science, University of Porto Abstract: In recent years, progress in our understanding of the physics of black holes, quantum information and string theory have led us to a new paradigm: The holographic universe. In this lecture, Dr  Ihl is going to introduce and discuss some basic concepts related to

‘Biology & Mathematics – the Unbreakable Link’ – 27 October 2015

The AIMS South Africa Public Lecture Series presented a talk titled: ‘Biology & Mathematics – the Unbreakable Link’ By Prof. Alan R. Kay, Dept. Biology, University of Iowa, USA Abstract: Verbal accounts of biological processes, however detailed, often remain incomplete and unsatisfactory. Mathematical models go beyond what can be said in words. In putting together

Over 1500 scholars attend National Science Week activities at AIMS South Africa

AIMS South Africa hosted one of the National Science Week Western Cape events from 3 to 8 August 2015 at its centre in Muizenberg and at the Muizenberg Pavilion. The event reached learners, educators and the public within the township and urban areas around Overberg, Cape Winelands District Municipality as well as the City of Cape