February 9, 2016

‘Bows, halos and flashes: A tour of atmospheric optics’

The AIMS South Africa Public Lecture Series presents a talk titled:

‘Bows, halos and flashes: A tour of atmospheric optics’

By Dr Jonathan Shock, a lecturer in the UCT Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics.

Abstract: The study of atmospheric optics has been with humanity as long as we have looked up to see the clouds and sunbeams, the interplay of light and water in all its forms and wondered at the emergent phenomena which come out when these ingredients come together. In this talk I will show you effects from common (and not so common!) rainbows to the most incredible displays of ice halos, through to high atmosphere effects and the mysterious green flash with photographs from experts and amateurs along the way. I hope to be able to explain some of these effects and to get people looking up to the sky and appreciating the amazing natural beauty which we are met with every day but so commonly miss.