AIMS House of Science introduced Subdivision Theory and Application & Mathematics of Machine Learning Courses to the 2022 Cohort of AIMS students

One of the critical roles of the House of Science, as an overarching innovation space for the added value enrichments to the AIMS academic programme, is to identify gaps in the provisions to AIMS students and work to support and address them with a view to strengthening their academic and mathematical knowledge, skills and aptitudes.

Equipping Graduates in Africa with Skills for a New Technological Era

The South African Radio Astronomy Observatory (SARAO) has embarked on a unique partnership with Ireland-based engineering services and innovative solutions provider InnoGlobal, to bring a short course on Digital Transformation applicable to advanced manufacturing sectors to the African continent. The Digital Transformation course, developed by InnoGlobal through its higher education institute, InnoPharma Education, will be

AIMS Highlights Mathematics’ Contributions to Modern World & Communication

On 30 July,  AIMS joined over 70 science, technology and innovation (STI) exhibitors from universities, science councils, national research facilities, industry, science centres, government departments and relevant non-governmental organisations across the country at the official Launch of the 2022 South Africa National Science Week (NSW). The theme for NSW 2022 is ‘Celebrating the role of

House of Science Highlights the Importance of Public Engagement and Communication of Data Science for Societal Impact Agenda

A short course on Public Engagement and Communication of Data Science for Societal Impact was delivered during the 2022 CIMPA School Mathematical and Statistical Methods for Data Science. The latter took place from 18 to 29 July at AIMS South Africa in Muizenberg, Cape Town. The former (course) was offered as an added value enrichment

AIMS Hosts RISE Awardees

On 4 August 2022, AIMS South Africa hosted eight of 100 RISE global winners. RISE, an initiative of Schmidt Futures and the Rhodes Trust, identifies young people aged 15 to 17 who need opportunity and support for life as they work to serve others. The programme offers a lifetime of benefits including scholarships, mentorship, career

AIMS South Africa hosts its first in-person graduation ceremony since 2019

“After two years of online graduation and recognition ceremonies it is a pleasure to all be together in person today to celebrate the successful completion of the Master’s Degree by our 2021-22 group of AIMS students,” noted Prof. Barry Green, Director of AIMS South Africa at the Graduation and Recognition of Achievement Ceremony held on