March 23, 2023

Women in Mathematics and its Applications Research Day

This one-day workshop was held on 23 March 2023 at AIMS South Africa and showcased research in mathematics and its broad applications done by women in Africa and beyond. Through panels and discussion, it also highlighted opportunities for study, research, and collaborations outside of Africa and within.

To view the list of panel discussions and research talk abstracts please click here.

The main goals of this workshop were to build a network of African women with common mathematical interests and to increase the visibility of women in mathematics to African students, researchers, and professors. It is hoped that this network will later provide support to participants as they advance through their graduate work and their careers.

The workshop was organised by Prof. Karin-Therese Howell, Stellenbosch University and Prof. Nancy Ann Neudauer, Pacific University, and Associate Secretary of the Mathematical Associate of America. Conference support was provided by AIMS South Africa, Stellenbosch University, and the National Graduate Academy of South Africa.

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