April 30, 2013

German Foreign Minister visits AIMS

German Foreign Minister, Dr Guido Westerwelle, accompanied by a large delegation of business representatives, government officials and the media, visited AIMS on Sunday 28 April 2013. They had a short tour of AIMS as well as presentations by AIMS-South Africa and AIMS-NEI with two students,Tina Ambinintsoa and Chacha Marwa, also giving short talks about their time at AIMS.

The German Government is a strong supporter of AIMS, through the DAAD  PhD Scholarships, postdoctoral fellowships and, more recently, a Research Chair at AIMS-Senegal. The visit was part of the Minister’s itinerary during a four-day trip to Ghana, South Africa and Mozambique.

According to a media report, Dr Westerwelle stated, “Germany believes that tying in the private sector in the endeavour to fight the triple challenge of poverty, unemployment and inequality is crucial. These nations are promising partners in this fight and the visit is intended to strengthen the political and economic ties necessary for progress on this front.”

For more photos from this visit please click here.

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