January 4, 2016

Workshop on Quadratic Differentials

Held in partnership with the Clay Mathematics Institute(CMI)

4-8 January 2016

Holomorphic differentials on Riemann surfaces have long held a distinguished place in several areas of low dimensional geometry, dynamics and representation theory. More recently they have emerged in intriguing ways in the study of billiards in polygons, special (so-called Hitchin) components of representation varieties, stability conditions on Fukaya-type categories, spectral networks, and asymptotic properties of Higgs bundle moduli spaces.

This workshop will bring together a small number of experts at the forefront of these diverse areas to explore common themes and in particular to investigate the use of techniques that could potentially cross disciplinary boundaries.

Organising Committee
  • Prof Jayadev Athreya (University of Washington)
  • Prof Steven Bradlow (University of Illinois)
  • Prof Barry Green (AIMS South Africa)

Confirmed Delegates
  • Bridgeland, Tom
  • Collier, Brian
  • Daskalopoulos, George
  • Goldman, Bill
  • Goujard, Elise
  • Kapovich, Misha
  • Katzarkov, Ludmil
  • Labourie, Francios
  • Li, Quiongling
  • Loftin, John
  • Moeller, Martin
  • Neitzke, Andy
  • Pranav, Pandit
  • Rafi, Kasra
  • Schapsonik, Laura
  • Smillie, John
  • Sutherland, Tom
  • Thabet, Faouzi
  • Wentworth, Richard
  • Wolf, Mike
  • Zorich, Anton
Titles and Abstracts


Accommodation will be arranged for all invited participants. Delegates requiring accommodation can contact the establishments listed below to arrange bookings.



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Travel Information

For more information please contact workshops@aims.ac.za


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