July 14, 2014

‘Mathematics Iff Computing’ workshop – 14-18 July 2014

You know how to program a computer or use software as a tool to help do applied maths: finding eigenvalues; solving algebraic or differential equations; and plotting solutions. But do you realise that software is being used to help do the latest Pure Mathematics? Convoluted and even high-dimensional surfaces can be understood by graphical representations that are both informative and beautiful. Computers are now indispensable in doing Mathematics, based on symbolic and not just numerical computations. Come and find out about this approach to `Experimental Mathematics’.

And do you realise that the Maths you already know can be used to write better, or even new, software? We can program a computer to learn from examples, like face recognition on FaceBook; that’s Machine Learning. Or stitching together photos to give a panoramic view, using linear algebra you already know and a little discrete maths. Or drawing efficient animations, as used by Pixar Studios, using wavelets. Or correcting a photo of a painting or document to allow for it’s being taken at an angle. Come and find out how to harness your Mathematical knowledge to produce the latest software.

Mathematicians are ideally placed to play an active role in the digital age. Huge amounts of data (from sensors, financial or biological applications) can be processed only by computer. Come and learn how to do that on the latest case studies.

Many of you will have some experience of programming though none will be assumed. We’ll teach you the programming you need, and how to use the software required. You’ll attend lectures and demonstrations from experts and then construct for yourself, under the watchful eye of assistants, prototypes of the systems you’ve seen demonstrated from the topics already mentioned.

Software helps do maths, and maths helps program computers.


Mathematical Science students with South African nationality only: senior undergraduates (3rd year) or honours students  in maths,applied maths, computer sciences, statistics or physics.

Logistical Information

  • All accommodation, meals and airport transfers will be provided.
  • Travel costs (bus or flight will be for the participants own expense)
  • AIMS will contribute R500 towards the travel costs however funds are limited and is subject to availability
  • Confirmed travel documents will be required to support requests for funding support and to process reimbursements

Closing date for applications
14 June 2014

To apply please complete the online registration form.

For any queries please contact workshops@aims.ac.zaView photos