July 6, 2015

‘Computing the Quantified Self’

to be held at AIMS South Africa in Muizenberg, 6-10 July 2015.

Improved medical support for the aged, the young, the sporty and the ill is being revolutionised by a combination of new wearable devices, high tech scanning machines, plus modelling, data processing and communications. Devices can now sense your exercise and body parameters (pulse rate, blood pressure, calorie intake, sleep, and so on). Models, often incorporating correlations computed between such parameters, help to warn or diagnose physical conditions of concern. At the same time, a new generation of machines is available in medical facilities to scan specific parts of the body, providing data from which mathematical models are used to identify physical features (brain damage, cancer, sports injuries and so on).

Come and find out how the maths you already know can be used in modelling, analysing and interpreting such data. Learn more of the relevant maths, and how computing makes it feasible in real time. We’ll teach you about how to make decisions based on uncertain data, a theory which underlies the whole approach. You’ll learn about the processing of brain signals, both theory and practice. You’ll learn about Computational Immunology: how to design drugs based to suit certain people and certain strains of disease. And of course you’ll learn about the latest wearable devices used to monitor health and even body movement.

Mathematicians are ideally placed to play an active role in the digital age. Huge amounts of data from biological sensors or scans can be processed only by computer. Come and learn how to do that in `Computing the Quantified Self’. Many of you will have some experience of programming though none will be assumed. We’ll teach you the programming you need, and how to use the software required. You’ll attend lectures and demonstrations from experts and then construct for yourself, under the watchful eye of assistants, prototypes of the systems you’ve seen demonstrated from the topics already mentioned. You’ll spend the week at AIMS South Africa, attending classes and workshops and mingling with the lecturers, tutors and your peers.

Senior undergraduates: honours students or 3rd year in Mathematical Sciences.

Deadline for applications: 19 June 2015

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