January 30, 2012

Complex Analysis and Hyperbolic Geometry Workshop

The Complex Analysis and Hyperbolic Geometry Workshop will be held at at AIMS from 30 January to 3 February 2012.

The workshop will be hosted by AIMS, with financial support from the School of Mathematics, University of Witwatersrand.

The Workshop will open with lunch on Monday 30 January at 14:00, and end on Friday 3 February at 13:00.

The programme consists of twelve lectures (seven 1-hour lectures, and five lectures on hyperbolic geometry and complex analysis by A. F. Beardon), and several discussion groups. It is hoped that the Workshop wil provide a forum where ideas can be shared, and that interaction during the Workshop will promote future cooperation between the participants.

The Workshop is open to all those who are interested, including attendance at any individual lecture. Please send an email to workshops@aims.ac.za indicating which days you would like to attend.