July 12, 2013

AIMING HIGHER – Maths with wings course

Jul 12, 2013 | Past workshopsAIMING HIGHER – Maths with wings course


With Professor Frode Ronning of Trondheim University AIMSSEC is conducting research on teacher transformation. The subjects of the study are the teachers and subject advisers taking the AIMING HIGHER Maths with Wings 7-month blended learning course.

This course aims to equip teachers to prepare students to an internationally comparable standard for university entrance in the mathematical sciences; to inspire teachers to learn more university-level mathematics relevant for school teaching; and to develop their teaching skills so that they can foster learners’ mathematical reasoning, problem-solving, independent learning, collaborative learning and communication skills.

The topics being planned are:

Technology for Teaching & Learning Mathematics; Action Research Methods; Mathematical Modelling; Calculus and Applications; Euclidean and non-Euclidean Geometry; Algebra.


Dr Barrie Barnard, Mrs Toni Beardon

Main Lecturers:

Dr Alison Clark-Wilson, Dr Jenny Gage, Dr Julia Anghileri, Dr Dudu Sibaya, Dr Kosie Smit.


‘Top’ High School Teachers, Subject Advisers and Field Trainers employed by NGO’s. Applicants are required to have a mathematics degree, a teaching qualification and 3 years or more teaching experience.

They are asked for evidence that their students are getting high marks in the matric and that they are committed to working with schools in disadvantaged communities to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics.

Please visit the AIMSSEC website for further information on the course.