Research Project Supervisors


The AIMS Master’s in Mathematical Sciences includes a research project, which makes up one third of the course. There are two student intakes, August intake and January intake.

Proposal submissions for August intake topics close mid-February but are reviewed by AIMS staff as they are submitted. The approved topics are made known to the students by mid-February at the latest, and students finalise their topic selection soon after. For January intake students, the proposals are also reviewed as submitted, and proposals should be in by mid-June.  The students will select a topic by the third week of June. 

Academics and industry researchers are invited to propose topics to be taken under their supervision. In previous years we have had many excellent proposals, some of which were not selected by any students, only because of the wide choice. We encourage resubmission of previously unselected proposals, as well as the creation of new proposals. 

The proposal need only be one paragraph long. It should normally contain references of which at least one should be to a textbook, chapters from a textbook or a general review article. Further selected references to journal articles should be included where appropriate. The research project should be on a topic in the mathematical sciences and contain at least some parts that are formulated in terms of mathematics.

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