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AIMS is offering a matching half bursary (maximum R45 000) to its recent graduates who wish to study towards a Research Master’s or PhD degree at a South African University. Please note that applicants are responsible for their repatriation fee deposits if necessary.

Bursaries are only awarded under the following conditions:

  1. That the university will pay a matching amount from its own funds or from research funds of the
    supervisor towards the bursary.
  2. That AIMS approves the study programme and topic.
  3. That the student will not do more than 10 hours of tutoring services per week to generate additional
  4. That the university will waive the difference between fees for foreign students and local students in
    addition to the bursary offered.
  5. That the student commences the study programme by February of the year following completion of
    completing the AIMS programme.

The bursary is paid in two parts, the first on registration and the second, 9 months later, on receipt of a satisfactory progress report

Prospective applicants are required to complete the application form and to submit this to with the following documentation

  1. A short proposal of the intended research topic.
  2. A letter from the proposed supervisor or department, confirming acceptance on to the programme, and the awarding of a matching half bursary; the amount of the bursary must be specified.
  3. A brief CV of the supervisor, if the supervisor has has not previously supervised AIMS students, or is not known to AIMS

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