June 28, 2024

Mathematical Communication and Language Course June 2024

From 19 June to 28 June 2024, AIMSSEC organised a 10-day Mathematical Communication and Language (MCL) course for approximately 80 teachers, running from 8am to 8pm daily. The course, held at Stellenbosch High School, was not just about theoretical knowledge, but also about practical application. Instructors equipped teachers with mathematical subject knowledge and pedagogical content that they could immediately apply in their classrooms. Teachers also had the opportunity to explore the use of AI in education technology for the first time, empowering them with new tools for their teaching. Twelve local and visiting instructors began a journey to tackle the challenge of teaching mathematical thinking in language-barrier settings, a difficulty often faced in rural areas.

The intensive and in-depth conversations encouraged teachers to recognise that professional development involves more than just understanding content and teaching methods. It requires delving deep into one’s mindset and being willing to challenge fixed ways of thinking about mathematics.

During the Plenary of Gratitude, Mary Chiedza Mukotami shared her reflections, saying, “Each of us has come from different corners…and each and every one of us has the zeal to go back and make a difference in our little corners… My fellow teachers, let us continue to grow and learn together.” Teachers who successfully complete the course will progress to the Differentiation and Inclusion in the Classroom (DIMC) programme in January 2025.

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