May 13, 2024

Workshop at AIMS South Africa Supports School Turnaround in Mathematics

On 10 May 2024, AIMS South Africa hosted a transformative workshop led by esteemed educator Prof. Jonathan Jansen aimed at bolstering Crestway Secondary School’s mathematics performance. The event showcased the power of collaborative learning and highlighted the profound impact of engaging with prestigious academic figures.

Upon arrival, learners were greeted with a warm plate of food expertly prepared by the AIMS kitchen staff, setting the tone for a day filled with intellectual nourishment. Dr Corvell Cranfield captivated Grade 11 and 12 learners with an immersive session on Euclidean Geometry, igniting their curiosity and passion for mathematics.

As the learners actively participated in the workshop, two teachers were struck by its profound impact on their learners’ learning experience. Prof. Zurab Janelidze, President of the South African Mathematical Society, delivered a powerful message, highlighting that an incorrect answer in mathematics is not a flaw in one’s approach but a unique pathway of mental processing — a valuable lesson for budding mathematicians.

Prof. Zurab Janelidze addresses the participants

As the session concluded, learners indulged in cookies and cold drinks, capturing memorable moments with numerous selfies — a testament to the camaraderie and excitement permeating the workshop. Prof. Karin-Theresa Howell, Academic Director AIMS Structured Master’s, expressed her gratitude to the teachers and learners for their participation and extended a warm invitation for future engagements.

Leaving with a newfound sense of belonging to AIMS, the learners departed inspired and eager for future collaborations. AIMS South Africa eagerly looks forward to their return, continuing the journey of exploration and discovery in the realm of mathematics.

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