June 12, 2023

Africa Day Celebrations: AIMS Inspires Muizenberg High School Students to Pursue STEM career pathways

On 25 May, AIMS celebrated Africa Day. It took the form of a Career Expo organised by Muizenberg Library. On the day, AIMS introduced Muizenberg High School learners to various career pathways in mathematics. More than 500 learners attended the event and had an opportunity to interact with representatives from various institutions and City of Cape Town departments. According to Ms Siphosethu Ndlela, a Librarian at Muizenberg Library “The career expo aims to assist learners in making informed decisions about the career path that they want to pursue. It was also an outreach initiative where we strive to engage with our community and assist where we can and make the library more visible.” 

“We had planned to exhibit to 200 students, grades 9 and 12, but we ended up with more than 500 students, ” she added

The AIMS exhibition stall at the event was well-attended by learners. It featured fun hands-on math and art activities, posters and presentations to showcase the work of AIMS, role models, and the importance of mathematics and application in everyday life. 

I was very intrigued and interested in AIMS. They taught me to keep in my dreams and how maths is very important and how I can pursue my dreams” said Joshua. 

“I had fun I thought. It was hard but I enjoyed it. It took me two tries but I eventually understood. But I enjoyed the activity,” added Nathen. 

The exhibitors from AIMS were Dr Rejoyce Gavhi-Molefe, Manager of the House of Science and Mr Joseph Muthui Wacira, a Master’s Student in Data Science.

“Interacting with the staff and students made me nostalgic about my time in high school. This event provided an opportunity for students to learn more about STEM, and it was well received. The reception emphasizes the need for such events in South Africa and Africa at large, ” said Joseph

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