August 30, 2011

Positive review for AIMS and its Research Centre

The panel of high profile scientists which reviewed AIMS and its Research Centre in March 2011, have released their report.  The results of the review were extremely positive with the panel concluding that:

“AIMS has made substantial progress invarious activities in the short period since its formation. This is reflected in the number of graduating Diploma students, the production of research publications and the growthin educational outreach activities. The core functions are contained in the AIMS Diploma programme, the AIMS Research Centre and the AIMSSEC school enrichment activity. There is substantial evidence that the associated activities with the core functions are having a strong and meaningful impact and wetherefore recommend that they continue to be fully supported, adequately resourced and properly funded into the future.”

International Review Panel Report July 2011

AIMS Self Evaluation Report March 2011

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