Bubacarr Bah

German Research Chair of Mathematics
with specialization in Data Science,

Bruce Bassett

Senior Resident Researcher
Observational and
Theoretical Cosmology

Ronnie Becker

Senior Resident Researcher
Mathematical Finance

Johan de Villiers

Senior Resident Researcher
Analysis and Approximation Theory

Mpfareleni Rejoyce

Resident Researcher
Computational Mathematics

Cang Hui

SARChi Chair in Theoretical
and Physical Biosciences

Dennis Ikpe

Part-time Research Associate
Mathematical Finance

Phillip Mashele

Part-time Senior Resident Researcher
Financial Mathematics

Gaston Mazandu

Part-time Researcher

Jeff Sanders

Senior Resident Researcher

Mario Santos

SARChi Chair in Cosmology with Multi-Wavelength Data (UWC-SAAO-AIMS)

Marc Sedjro

German Research Chair for Applied
Mathematics with specialization in
Partial Differential Equations and Calculus of Variations

Simukai Utete

Senior Resident Researcher